Does your family have a favourite meal? You know, the dish that is a little bit indulgent, comforting and enjoyed by all. If your family is anything like mine, the kids will be hanging around the kitchen waiting with anticipation for dinner time.

Food creates memories by bringing people together, be it for lively conversation or an intimate rendezvous. In my experience only food that can be shared is able to spark genuine, authentic moments between people. Pizza has stood the test of time for this reason. It is what my family calls “A Love Food”. Every pizza tells a story and it is this special quality that has always fuelled the passion for my work.

The future is bright for Della Rosa Traditional Fresh FoodsTM. We are embarking on new territory with our products exporting internationally. We are the first company in the Asia-Pacific region to supply pizza to mainland China and we are thrilled to know we are bringing an authentic Italian experience to the tables of our Asian neighbours.

We are constantly developing new flavours, new textures and keeping up with global trends. Our manufacturing capacity is extremely advanced enabling us to tailor our products to the particular tastes and buying behaviours of the consumer in each region we trade. In fact, this is exactly what we do for every single one of our customers. It is our point of difference and it is enabling us to compete, and succeed, in an environment which favours low-cost production. Pizza should be shared by everyone and more importantly, enjoyed by everyone.

In only 5 years, we have stock on shelves in Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Foodworks, Ritchies and Drake’s Supermarkets and we are thrilled to be in partnership with airlines and numerous hotels and restaurants.

The strength of the Della RosaTM company is to see opportunity and adapt accordingly. True to our innovative nature, we have extended our range of products to include specialty breads such as Naan and Chapati and we look forward to a future where Della RosaTM is a major contender in the Indian food market.

The dramatic growth of Della RosaTM can be attributed to many factors but primarily it is because we are a family business. One of the great benefits of partnering with us is that you can expect to receive genuine care and personalised service. We engage with our customers, enter into mutually beneficial partnerships and invest in them for the long term.

Our company will never compromise on quality. We choose to top our pizza with fresh Australian produce, and we source our ingredients locally, first and foremost because they are absolutely the best in the world. You might have thought our tomato sauce was straight out of Italy, but no. We have found the best tomato sauce and it is in rural Victoria. We are proudly Australian owned and made, but the instinct to source the best ingredients for cooking – this is the Italian way. Our suppliers are trusted, dedicated and reliable which means we can ensure minimal supply volatility and the costs saved as a result, flow down the chain.

We will stay true to our original and proven recipe for success and that is to maintain the same quality in our product as it was when I was making the pizza by hand, at home with my mother.

Share our passion with your family. Sit down at the table with a Della RosaTM pizza and may the memory last.

Managing Director


Della Rosa Traditional Fresh Foods® is proud to be an Australian owned and operated fresh food manufacturer with a state of the art production facility in Melbourne, Australia. We are fully accredited to meet the highest of international food safety standards. The cornerstone of our business is diversification. We are continually innovating, designing and creating products to specifically suit target markets.

Premium, restaurant quality pizzas made in the freshest possible way is what we deliver to our customers in retail stores, independent stores and food service operators. We stonebake our pizza bases then top them with fresh, locally grown produce.





We will only ever use the freshest possible techniques and products to make products of the finest possible quality. Our customers can trust in the consistency of quality in our products now and into the future. Competing on price point will never be our business.


Della RosaTM has a simple but ambitious vision for the future. To sell pizza across the world as the most recognised brand in the sector and to maintain the same quality of product as it was when the company was first born.


Since the doors opened, the Della RosaTM team led by Emilio de Lorso has operated with five core values underpinning everything they do. Like an oak tree whose seed was planted many years earlier, these values were born countless generations ago and instilled in each family member since. Emilio, who intends to stay true to his roots has kept these values alive and to hear him describe them is inspiring.

At Della RosaTM we are PASSIONATE about pizza. We LOVE sharing our passion and the AUTHENTIC Italian experience which is enjoying a pizza with the PEOPLE you love. We are DEDICATED to our VISION, to our work and to each other. We BELIEVE in the way we operate and TRUST in the process to see our vision realised.